Purchaser Policy

Mexcii reserves the right to refuse, restrict, limit, cancel or alter orders and the terms of purchase applicable to Purchasers at any time. The term “Purchaser” shall be defined at the sole discretion of Mexcii and not limited to Purchasers for resale, redistribution, and duplication of mold or design.

Purchasers of Mexcii may not use any trademark, copyright or copyrighted materials, models or other intellectual property of Mexcii without first obtaining written permission to do so. This means that Purchasers may not use Mexcii’s company name, trademarks or copyrights in any manner, including but not limited to a manner that implies a sponsorship or endorsement by Mexcii, or hold themselves as an affiliate of Mexcii.

Mexcii reserves the right to refuse sales to purchasers at any time.